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Harney County Historical Society & Museum - .25 mi.
Dedicated to preserving historical artifacts about Harney County, this museum is filled with artifacts from pioneer families including Indian artifacts, kitchen tools, wagons and carriages, early medical and dental equipment, and a diorama of local bird species.

Malheur National Wildlife Refuge - 32 mi.
Malheur Refuge is located in the southeastern corner of Oregon in a geographic region known as the Northern Great Basin. The refuge is shaped like a lopsided "T" and spans an area 40 miles long and 39 miles wide. Over 187,000 acres of wetlands, riparian areas, meadows, and uplands are managed by the refuge.

Kiger Wild Mustangs
The Kiger Mustangs, thought to be one of the purest herds of Spanish mustangs existing in the wild today, maybe the direct descendants of the Spanish Barb horses brought to North America in the late 16th Century. Among their unique physical characteristics are dun and buckskin colored coats, zebra stripes on knees and hocks, hooked ear tips, and fine muzzles.

Migratory Bird Festival & Art Show
View thousands of migratory birds as they rest and feed in the wide open spaces of Oregon’s High Desert country.

Steen Mountains - 20 mi. 
Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Steen Mountains. The landscape is treeless at first with open rolling hills, then at the Kiger Gorge overlook there's the sudden drop-off to the emerald floor of the great glacial scoop.

Harney County Fair & Rodeo
Bring the whole family to see the beautiful horses, rodeo and county fair activities. Entertainment at its best in Harney County. 


  • Valley Golf Club, 0.4 mi.

  • Desert Historic Theatre, 1.2 mi.

  • Zantiva Yoga, 1.3 mi.

  • Hines City Park, 1.4 mi.

  • Body Wise Sports Center, 1.5 mi.

  • High Desert Park & Recreation, 1.6 mi.

  • Triangle City Park, 1.9 mi.

  • Hines Mill Pond, 2.6 mi.

  • Crystal Crane Hot Springs, 26.4 mi.

  • Lake Chickahominy, 30 mi.

  • Malheur Cave, 56.1 mi.


  • County Fairgrounds, 1.2 mi.

  • Harney County Historical Museum, 1.6 mi.

  • Oard's Gallery & Museum, 6.3 mi.

  • Fort Harney Historical Monument, 13.9 mi.

  • Devine Monument, 17.1 mi.

  • Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, 33 mi.

  • Meeks Cutoff, 46.2 mi.

  • Pete French Round Barn State Park, 56.8 mi.

  • Steens Mountain Cooperative Management and Protection Area, 76.3 mi.

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